reach_anthroAntropologerne – Rikke Ulk (principal) – Copenhagen (DK)

Antropologerne creates innovation that works in real life. We work in an explorative, strategic and hands-on way in order to design better products and services and provide good societal change by involving you and your users.

At Antropologerne we are people experts. We help clients understand needs, barriers and possibilities in people’s everyday life. We explore, how a product or a service is used and perceived, and we test how things could be designed even better. Our approach, methods and mindset ensure that change will happen and work.

Our unique way of helping you make business and innovation that really works is based on a combination of applied anthropology and design methods. And it is also based on the historic Nordic tradition of Participatory Design, and on a democratic involvement of users and other stakeholders – cross-cutting hierarchy – in the innovation process. As we are people experts and culture experts, and as we have had worldwide projects, also in Hong Kong, we believe we have an advantage as your future innovation-partner. If you need to know not only HOW to design the best solutions, but also WHAT to design and WHY to design it, we can help you.

Antropologerne is a Copenhagen/Denmark-based consultancy company with 10 design and research partners all over the world. At Antropologerne, we are both anthropologists and designers. We work with and for people engaged in product innovation, service design and societal change, and we provide our clients with a new mindset and an ability to discover and test undiscovered possibilities within their fields – with real people.

Contact Info
Kompagnistræde 16, 2
DK-1208 Copenhagen
Telephone: +45 8813 2000

Contact Person
Rikke Ulk
CEO and Chief Anthropologist
Direct tel: +45 2811 2010