Our methods

We are experienced with a number of methods, from interviewing and observation to cultural probes and design documentaries. The chosen methods in a specific study are dependent on both the topic (What do we want to find out?) and the circumstances of the fieldwork (Where does the action take place? How many people are involved? What are they doing? How private is it?). Every engagement requires its own combination of methods. But they all share the common goal of gaining deep customer insights and finding new product and service opportunities.

Project Management

  • One primary contractor
    To ensure a consistent level of quality and a minimum level of stress for our clients, we emphasize effective project management. One of our companies acts as the primary contractor for a client. Normally this is the company that is closest to where the client is based. The primary contractor will make sure all participating partners from the network deliver fully, on time and within budget, and provide a guarantee of quality of all services and deliverables.
  • Secure online project management tools
    We have procedures and tools to support remote collaboration, such as weekly status calls, milestones reporting, Basecamp, shared calendaring and SSL-secured online file repositories.