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Camila Boga and Kleber Puckaski РṢo Paulo

Innovation through User Centred Design

The Reach Network organises its first event in India on 19 December 2015 in Bangalore, together with UnBox. Reach offers a …

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  • The Subspecies of Design Researcher
    As a design research agency, STBY has worked with design researchers of many shapes and sizes. While the role of ‘design researcher’ becomes more common and recognised as a formal position in many different types of organisations, it’s worth reflecting on how we all work and the unique skills and attitudes needed in different settings. […]
  • Making do and getting by with the climate
    More and more members of Spring House in Amsterdam are involved in climate related projects. Does their increasing knowledge about the climate influence their … The post Making do and getting by with the climate appeared first on ..STBY....
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