Redesigning the Inpatient Hospice Experience

In close collaboration with¬†project partners Assisi Hospice, Dover Park Hospice and St Joseph‚Äôs Home and Hospice Fuelfor delved into the hospice sector in Singapore¬†conducting ethnographic observations, co-design workshops and in-depth interviews with patients, families, care teams and experts. As a result, the Hospitable Hospice offers critical new thinking and a refreshing vision with which to¬†re-imagine future hospices and end-of-life care¬†services. Fuelfor earlier spoke about this project at GOOD’13.

Hospices have a negative image in society despite their compassionate and skillful efforts to care for people at the end of life. And yet with increasingly ageing populations the demographics alone force us to rethink the way end-of-life care is delivered and experienced.

The team considered patient journeys from point of referral to hospice, daily life within hospices, handling the moment of death and following the family ŐĀs bereavement process. 16 key insights were identified and translated into opportunities to improve and impact the products, services, spaces and communication of hospice care.

A design handbook and media launch presented a vision for the Hospitable Hospice of the future; 7 concepts were articulated that support a more open, personal and easier-to-navigate end-of-life experience. 24 universal experience design principles provide the building blocks for creating future services and spaces. You can read the handbook here.

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