Unique Training Approach

All partners in The Reach School share a belief that training should move beyond toolkits and one-off innovation courses. Based on years of experience working with clients from all sectors and  sizes, we developed a holistic training programme comprising  three elements:

  • People
    Proximity to the people who will be using and delivering the innovation is key to human-centered design. People should be ever-present throughout any innovation process.
  • Process
    Process lays the foundation for continuous improvement. Tools and process provide structure to the typically fluid activity of human centred design. Adjusting and adapting process to context is key to innovation practice.
  • Practice
    Accumulating experience with design-driven innovation in different contexts builds a craft. With practice, people and process come together into a meaningful whole.

Delivery principles

The Reach School leverages the network’s collective expertise and experience through the following Delivery Principles:

  • Process Fluency
    A major obstruction to innovation is lack of process fluency. We facilitate the development of confidence and fluency of process through guided practice.
  • Real World Cases
    We address lack of creative confidence to adapt for specific contexts by illustrating process versatility with our own case studies.
  • Scalable Learning
    Context-sensitive innovation is often difficult to scale because it cannot be replicated. We connect learners to local practitioners who are embedded in a wider global network.
  • Blended Delivery and Support
    A one-off innovation course is not enough to fundamentally change both understanding and work practices. We coach and support learners over time.