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Flutter Innovation


Camila Boga and Kleber Puckaski – S√£o Paulo

Big Human


Michael Davis Burchat – Toronto

Somia CX


Somia CX – Indonesia, Singapore



Cal Bruns, Jason Coetzee, Paris Pitsillides – Johannesburg & Cape Town



Uyai Effiong – Lagos



Pamela Cajilig, Birdie Salva and Kristine Layaoen – Manila

Global Design Programme


For multinational companies seeking to balance global and local design needs.

For multinational companies with customers in a myriad of different cultures and locations, figuring out what matters in …

Social Innovation Programme


For international non-governmental organisations seeking to proactively manage and drive innovation.

In 2016 BOND surveyed 62 international non-governmental organisations (INGOs) to gauge innovation capacity among …

Innovation through User Centred Design

The Reach Network organises its first event in India on 19 December 2015 in Bangalore, together with¬†UnBox. Reach¬†offers a hands-on exploratory workshop on the theory and practice of design …



The Hospitable Hospice offers critical new thinking and a refreshing vision with which to re-imagine future hospices and end-of-life care services.

Transforming the experience of death and dying


Death and dying is a taboo subject in many countries around the world, and hospices have a negative perception in most societies. fuelfor gave a rich insight into their project …

Inspiring new empathic collaborations


With the world becoming increasingly digital nowadays, Slava Kozlov, Summ()n (Russia/The Netherlands) discussed the issue of how this relates to empathy, compassion in the digital space. His talk opened up …

Co-developing a toolkit for Social Impact


How to facilitate a cross-culture collaboration, with participants from around the world? This was the question addressed by STBY‚Äôs Geke (UK/NL) and Quicksand‚Äôs Ayush (India), who currently are working together …

Turning fear of change into enthusiasm


The widespread sense of pressure we experience due to financial crisis often results in an inability to radically improve products, services or societies. These qualities can be regained if using …

Stimulating a learning organisation


Change is closely related to learning. There are many ways to learn, but playing and experimenting are two of the most powerful learning methodologies. Based on the 360 project that …

Transitioning to a new framework


Transitioning to something new is hard work because you don‚Äôt always know what you are transitioning to. Sometimes, it could be that the skills are not always in place to …

Innovation in bus travel across Europe


IDSL (France) is an innovation consultancy and a design company specialised in designing interaction. With the theme of ‚Äúchanging perspectives on empathy and participation‚ÄĚ, Virginia Cruz, IDSL spoke about the …

GOOD Morning: Changing perspectives on empathy and participation

Date: October 25, 2013 09.00-13.00
Place: Design Academy Eindhoven, Emmasingel 14, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
9.00 Welcome: New rules of the game
Design research is rapidly becoming participatory and collaborative: everything is co-X today and the …

Re:public Inc


Fumiko Ichikawa, Hiroshi Tamura – Tokyo

Fit Associates


Marc Retting and Hannah du Plessis – Pittsburg